Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Sabina area is justifiably famous for its olive oil, which has been made here for thousands of years.

Our four hundred trees are looked after to organic standards, and in May 2021, we will complete our Organic Conversion period (of three years), and receive our organic certification!

Preparations for the olive harvest start during the previous harvest, as we select branches to remove, to improve the following year’s tree health. In early spring, we prune the trees, and then throughout the summer, we keep the grove neat and tidy, making sure that all of the nutrients from the soil go into the trees themselves. We never, ever spray chemicals or use pesticides in our olive grove.

Harvest time is mid to late October, always finished by early November, in order to maximise flavour and the health giving properties of the oil. Olives, like all fruit, bruise easily, so we harvest by hand, with the fruit falling onto nets, from where we scoop them up into small baskets. Olives also start to “spoil” as soon as they are harvested, so we get ours to the mill within 36 hours of harvest.

And oh boy, can you taste the difference!

You can read much, much more about our olive grove, our extra virgin olive oil, and olive oil tasting here: https://olivehillsabina.com/2020/11/05/the-taste-of-real-extra-virgin-olive-oil/

And of course you can buy our extra virgin olive oil for yourself!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our 2020 harvest is available direct from the farm, here in the village of Tarano, fifteen minutes from the Ponzano-Romano exit of the A1 autostrada.

Bottles (all prices are in Euros):

250ml: 5.00

500ml: 8.50


1 litre: 13.50

3 litres: 40.00

5 litres: 60.00

Please contact us via email: emma@olivehillsabina.com to arrange a pickup.