Snow, Selection and Signatures

It has been a momentous week in Italy. For some, the snow that fell, even in the south of the country, and the election that resulted no result were momentous enough, but for us, it was the week when we finally signed for The Olive Hill. First, I think that I should share a snow photo: I wish that I could share one of The Olive Hill under its snow blanket, but I hope that an olive tree and the Colosseum will make up for that disappointment. Later in the week, much later, we met at The Olive Hill, with … Continue reading Snow, Selection and Signatures

First, Prune Your Trees. Even Better? Prune Someone Else’s Trees.

We have a date to sign the compromesso! While we waited for this important moment in our lives, we went to Tuscany, for an olive tree pruning course. As you do. It is fair to say that we had been pretty excited about this course, but also, in all honesty, we were very nervous too. We are very aware that in buying The Olive Hill, we are partaking of a midlife crisis of bonkers proportions, but mostly, we pretend that we are doing something perfectly well thought out, sensible and considered. Of course, the sensible, grown up bits, such as … Continue reading First, Prune Your Trees. Even Better? Prune Someone Else’s Trees.

Tram Lines, and Progress?

Many years ago, the Royal Air Force sent us to Fife, in Scotland. It’s fair to say that we were not your normal Air Force family. While Scott was busy commanding a front-line squadron of Tornado F3s, I was running a farmhouse kitchen company called Well Oiled. I spent my days making fresh pesto (green and red), tapenade, antipasti such as peperoni sott’ olio and, of course, I spent time drying herbs and chopping garlic in order to create delicious tasting infused Italian olive oils, to sell at the local Farmers’ Markets in St Andrews and Cupar. We kept chickens … Continue reading Tram Lines, and Progress?