Scott and I are both ex aircrew – I left the Royal Air Force many years ago and have done 1,001 jobs since – I’m currently teaching English in Rome. Scott, on the other hand, is still serving, hence why we are living in Rome.

Prior to our latest move, we have had the pleasure of spending around a half of the 27 years we have been married abroad. Having lived in Italy once before, in the 1990s, as soon as we found out that we were to be assigned to Rome, we decided to buy a caravan, in order to escape to the countryside for relaxing weekends with the dogs. Then we realised that a caravan was a depreciating asset, so we decided to buy a small bolthole in our favourite region that was easily accessible from Rome. Somehow, that little bolthole grew into an olive farm, with vineyard, citrus grove, nut plantation, veg plot and, oh, a 300 square metre house in need of renovation and modernisation.

Welcome to our mid life crisis …