How to Eat an Elephant

I am sitting on my lawn in Sabina, making a daisy chain, whilst admiring the beautiful view of Monte Soratte. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.


Of course.

I am making this up (well, apart from the sunshine bit, it IS A beautiful day). I am, as normal, on a crowded metro train, doing my standard commute. On a positive note, my favourite buskers are serenading us. A Spanish guitar, a violin, and two lovely men who sing really, really well. A genuine pleasure.

But, this blog is not about buskers on metro trains, it’s not even supposed to be about buying a farm in Sabina, it’s supposed to be a blog about OWNING a farm in Sabina. So what can possibly have gone wrong this time??


Now, it seems that we are missing some paperwork that is vital to the purchase.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this could be something to do with the offer that was made to the “neighbours” to buy the farm, and indeed the “neighbour” who lives thirty miles away, near Frascati has caused us a few sleepless nights, but the notaio, and a random lawyer that we consulted say that we will soon be able to rest easy on that one, so that will be fine.

No. Now, the Very Important Paperwork that is missing is … The marriage certificate of one of the Three Sisters. And I am not making this up.

And so we wait.

Still thinking of buying that dream home in Italy???

Meanwhile, we have been planting our “ortino” in Rome, so we WILL have beautiful, home grown fruit and vegetables this year. And we have also been checking how big the Smart Car really is. And the answer, dear friend, is twenty geraniums, twenty four bamboo canes, and two bags of soil big.

Just in case you were wondering 😎

And how to eat an elephant?

One. Bite. At. A. Time.

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